Get your pet into loving BRUSH time

Get your pet into loving BRUSH time

Brushing your pet can be an interactive , caring and soothing time. However it can be scary if your cat doesn’t like it. 😅

so here is how to get your pet into loving the brushing time because  its necessary to remove dead hair, tangles, and to improve flow of air and blood.


Always start from the neck area. Cats love being petted on their necks. It will help in developing trust bond. 

For good 10-20 minites brush the neck. The areas around. Get busy in your phone so your cat roams around you to have it more. Then brush the neck and take a sip of tea. 
Getting the point?

you want to make your cat want it. Only then she will let you brush on areas other than neck because by now your cat is positively conditioned to brushing so congratulate yourself! 🙌🏻

Step by step you wanna progress. 

After neck its best to brush the back. They love it as well. Then comes side belly. Front hands.

Behind legs and lower belly are the most dangerous areas. If you regularly brush your cat you would know that. No matter how much they love brushing. They are always gonna attack you on touching behind legs and lower belly. 😅 

That’s where most of hair knots are. On sitting areas where flow of air is minimum and chances of hair knots and fungal infection are high. 

you might wanna ask someone’s help to brush on these areas. Probably hold them yourself and ask a sibling or partner to brush the sitting areas.


Thoroughly brushing is MUST atleast twice a week. Make sure there is no hair tangling left. 

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Agreed 👍

Agreed 👍

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